Information validation

The Renal Drug Database is not intended to offer definitive advice or guidance on how drugs should be used in patients with renal impairment, nor is it a comprehensive and complete list of all drugs licensed in the UK.


The information contained in this database has been compiled from a wide range of sources and from the clinical experience of the editorial board of the UK Renal Pharmacy Group (UKRPG), all of whom are involved in the pharmaceutical care of renally-impaired patients. As such, some of the information contained in the monographs may not be in accordance with the licensed indications or use of the drug.


Figure 1: Quality Assurance and Information Validation


Over time, it is intended that the number of references throughout the monographs grow, meaning that the content will be increasingly evidence-based, helping to validate its clinical robustness.


Under the supervision of the UKRPG, the monographs of The Renal Drug Database are frequently reviewed and updated to ensure that the database remains a pertinent and trusted resource servicing the renal pharmacy community (Figure 1). All drug monographs are periodically reviewed, with the date of the most recent review noted on each monograph. In addition to scheduled reviews, The Renal Drug Database's content is subject to event-driven updates, to best capture the latest indications and evidence-based information in a timely manner.


Should you have any queries regarding information governance and validation, please contact us on: [email protected]